Egypt: strike wave update

Victorious Kafr el-Dawwar strikers

The latest news on the militant strike wave, with analysis from an Egypt-based libcom user.

Workers from Kafr el-Dawwar have issued a "very significant" statement of solidarity with the Ghazl el-Mahalla workers who have been subject to a state crackdown in recent days for their organising activity ( coverage 1, 2). They promise to conduct political actions in solidarity with Mahalla workers if they will take further industrial action. Read the statement here.

Our correspondent continues, "it reeks of working class consciousness, though it is interesting to see that they see the Egyptian government and their own unions as the main enemy and not capital. However in the case of Egypt this is understandable."

Round-up of other strike actions

libcom arrow for bullet points Abul Makarem textile workers ended their ten-day sit-in two days ago after they achieved victory. The workers took action after non-payment of salaries, bonuses and raises. The owner, Abul Makarem, using his security connections filed lawsuit against 20 workers involved in the sit-in. More information here.

libcom arrow for bullet points 200 workers at the Arabiya brick-making factory are continuing their sit-in for the sixth day on the row, protesting the liquidation of the company

libcom arrow for bullet points 150 workers at the yeast-making factory in Salam City have been on a sit-in for three days now demanding their annual bonuses

libcom arrow for bullet points A group of workers at the Egyptian Atomic Energy Agency assembled in front of the Presidential Palace in Abdeen, demanding to be instated with job contracts

libcom arrow for bullet points Around 2050 garbage collectors went on strike April 16 in the working class areaa, Shubra el-Kheima, Cairo

(Source: Arabawy)

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