Textile strike in north-western Iran

Textile factory workers went on strike over not having their salaries paid for past five months yesterday (Monday 8th).

The factory, a subsidiary of giant financial conglomerate Bonyad Mostazafan, is the largest of its kind in northwestern Iran.

The management is trying to sell the factory not paying its huge debts to the struggling workers, themselves trying to keep up with the ever rising costs of living in the impoverished Kurdistan province.

"The management is determined to transfer or sell-out the entire factory to other parts of the country. Not long ago they [management] transferred the spinning section to Tehran," said a striking worker in today's demonstration.

The State Security Forces (SSF) were standing close by to the workers' demonstration outside the Kurdistan governor's office. The SSF agents did not allow journalists to get near the protesting workers.

Workers vowed on Tuesday to bring along members of their families to show their determination.

Thousands of workers have gone on strike over their unpaid salaries in the past months in Iran.

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Sep 9 2008 17:30


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