TV Times 17-23 March 2007

TV Times 17-23 March 2007

This weeks political programming offers a diverse mix of subjects from domestic violence to the history of racism and from genetically engineered foodstuffs to internet fuelled sex addiction.

Sun 18 March - 9 - 10pm - BBC2 - The Trap: What Happened To Our Dreams of Freedom
Part 2/3 - The Lonely Robot
Adam Curtis continues his critique of the "machine model" of what constitutes political freedom.

Mon 19 March - 8 - 9pm - Channel 4 - Dispatches: When Did You Last Beat Your Wife?
A critique of governmental policy in tackling domestic violence, indicating that even video footage of these crimes taking place does not necessarily guarantee a conviction.

Mon 19 March - 9 - 10pm - Channel 4 - Animal Farm - 1/3
A restaurant critic and evolutionary biologist debate the merits or otherwise of genetically engineered food production.

Tue 20 March - 9 - 10pm - Channel 4 - Ulrika... Am I A Sex Addict?
A documentary narrated by Ulrika Jonsson which attempts to provide a definition of sex addiction and asks if the rise in internet pornography has had a hand in affecting like sexual behaviour patterns.

Pick of the Week red n black star
Wed 21 March - 9 - 10pm - BBC4 - Racism: A History - 1/3
A comfortable choice for the Pick of the Week, the first part of this documentary series looks at capitalist justifications to develop racist attitudes and questions why the USA's elite is racially integrated but its poor are not. The series as a whole traces the history of attitudes to race globally over the last 500 years. Here is a choice quote from Part 1: "The British do not become slave traders because they are racist. They become racist because they use slaves to great profit in the Americas and devise a set of attitudes to justify what they do. "

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