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Brief balance on the exacerbated current situation following the events in Nochixtlan, Oaxaca. For the extension and generalization of proletarian struggles, not only in Oaxaca but all over the world! For the class autonomy!

Breve balance sobre la actual situación agudizada a raíz de los sucesos en Nochixtlan Oaxaca. ¡Por la extensión y generalización de las luchas proletarias, no sólo en Oaxaca, sino en todo el mundo! ¡Por la autonomía de clase!

Bref bilan de la situation actuelle exacerbée après les événements de Nochixtlan, Oaxaca. Pour l’extension et la généralisation des luttes prolétariennes, non seulement à Oaxaca, mais partout dans le monde ! Pour l’autonomie de classe !

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Class Struggle in Oaxaca

Currently, without space for doubt, we’re witnessing the sharpening of the class struggle in Oaxaca, Mexico.
The current conflict brings the year 2006 to mind, in which our class leapt into the scene in a great insurrection which marked a before and an after.

-----BLACK SCREEN-----
…The proletariat has raised its head and knows that between the two classes – that of the hungry and that of the full, that of the poor and of the rich- there cannot be peace, there shouldn’t be peace, but war without cease, without mercy, until the triumphant working class have thrown the last shovelful of earth over the last of the bourgeoisie and the last representative of authority…
Ricardo Flores Magón

In the year 2012, in this region known as Mexico, a series of reforms were agreed to by ALL the political parties which were made to satisfy the interests of the local and international bourgeoisie, as in the worldwide financial organs which the whole global economy depends upon. Their aim, obviously, is nothing other than amassing more wealth at the cost of the dispossession and impoverishment of those who have always been exploited.

One of these reforms is that concerning the theme of education, which, further than its hypocritical discourse advocating for “educational improvement” and all such tales, in reality seeks to implant salary cuts in the teaching sector in addition to putting the conservation of posts of work in check by being subject to absurd tests of qualification. In response to this reform, various fractions of the educative proletarians opposed the carrying out of the said readjustment, and since then have incessantly launched a series of mobilizations.

The combativity gestated in the struggle against this imposition has raised enthusiasms and each time there are more of the exploited which have joined the protests and mobilizations; they have spread and propagated further than the zone which comprises the southern pacific, taking place also in the gulf, the center and even the north of the country. Inside of this generalization of the struggle a palpable enough fact is highlighted: the element of many proletarians that have commenced to envisage the necessity of unifying forces.


“The proletariat is reborn necessarily from its own ashes and develops at the same time that the privation of property has become more contradictory with all human life. For this reason, when the atmosphere becomes strained and the proletariat commences to show its fists, making the terra firma shake, the theory of the disappearance of the proletariat comes apart. Its plumage discolors and falls in fistfuls, its ideological body more plucked than a chicken in the slaughterhouse. The proletariat re-appears breaking with everything and everyone, confirming that the funeral which had been dedicated to it wasn’t its own.”
Internationalist Proletarians

On its part, the level of conflict in Oaxaca has grown significantly, and in the present year 2016, in the context of the anniversary of the insurrection which took place 10 years ago, Oaxaca erupts once again.


The actions of our class have made a short-circuit in the world of mercantilization and profit. The blockage of roads, pickets, expropriations and sabotages of the commercial and state infrastructures are part of the critique-praxis which our subjugated class assumes, reaffirming as such the superiority of humanity and life against the dominion of the generalized mercantile dictatorship.
Impeding the free movement of the mercantile flow also entails subverting the normality of submission in that which imprisons us within the guidelines of civic misery.
At the same time as the gains of the bourgeoisie are seen to be affected, the passivity and the docility imposed in daily life become crushed by an emerging community of struggle which is manifested as a collective being battling against a determined enemy. It is at these types of moments where all the myths which perpetuate the bourgeois morale turn paws up, since the ensemble of the exploited undermines the individualism, the treachery and the self-absorption. All these processes of agitation in Oaxaca have been made manifest.


Lamentably, in spite of the forcefulness and the combativity, the critique which the proletariat has generated in the heat of the conflict has been very limited from the beginning. It hasn’t arrived to understand that the magnitude of the problem doesn’t fall on the “educational reform”, which although it directly aims to exasperate the conditions of generalized misery, isn’t the root of the problem. The perspective of the destruction of capital still hasn’t become latent, and in its place, the stagnancy of the localist, activist and immediatist dynamics take precedence.

In this manner the dominion of the unions as mediators of the conflict prevail, and with them, the false illusion that all will be resolved by means of a dialogue with the executioners.

It’s clear that the demands of the CNTE (National Coordinator of Education Workers) have been surpassed and that those who are participating in the present wave of violent protests are not only Teachers, but the proletariat in general; it’s the exploited class as a whole that have united to fight against the intensification of misery, against the pillaging and imposition of the brutality of Capital which strikes against all the exploited equally.

Nevertheless, just like ten years ago, the movement exceeded the first slogans of the teachers on strike and developed a struggle more generalized and threatening, against all the economic powers and established politicians; as in that nearly identical occasion of a decade before, today the movement is threatened by the same negotiators and conciliators as always; that facing the growth of the rage and the impetus of struggle, don’t overlook all opportunity of negotiating; negotiating the blood of the fallen comrades in exchange for crumbs.

If today the workers that adhere to their unions don’t manage to break from the corsets which their own structures impose, we will once again see the distancing of the proletarians that have identified with their struggle, that have made it their own, and that are realizing the necessity of providing it with a more radical content.


For its part, the civiloid and leftist dung-heap composed of electoral parties, fronts and unions, in accord with their timid and confused role, haven’t doubted to promulgate their verbal-diarrhea against everything which at the interior of the movement implies the exceeding and breaking of the frame.

The citizenist finger, under the cover of its vile and mediocre conspiracionism, has once again condemned the emergence of disruptive action which the proletarians have undertaken.
In this manner, they have done everything necessary so that the slogans and reasons for the struggle don’t go to the source of the problem, and so, with all their capacity of co-opting they have limited the protest to pacific marches, organized to satisfy the opportunist egos of the small figures that aspire to the replacement of power.

The ensemble of leftism and citizenism, although appearing to be opposed to the dominant order, are nothing more than their loyal defenders, given that their merely progressivist and reformist programs leave intact, venerate and sanctify the whole conglomerate of institutions and structures that sustain the society of classes: the laws, the constitution, progress, the fatherland, the jails, the property, the rights, the liberties… finally, the whole rotten mud that amalgamates the capitalist civilization.


And if that weren’t enough, to this is added the brutal cynicism of the journalist vultures, who through the bourgeois means of communication hurry to propagate the voice of their masters and applaud the arrival of forces to the zones in conflict. In chorus, the politicians at press conferences show off their class hatred and racial contempt against the proletarians that don’t surrender.

It’s no surprise that the bourgeoisie, in its zeal for maintaining the necrotic normality of capital, manifests its great fear that the conflict increases and extends, advocating the intervention of the repressive forces impatiently, to demonstrate that they aren’t ready to continue losing millions of pesos because of the blockades which are carried out by the rebels and uncontrollables.


Whoever assumes the struggle against the bourgeois society knows in advance that they have against them the whole organization of institutionalized violence, and all the state-capitalist terrorism…
Because of this, such behavior of the powerful is no surprise, since the real function of the agents of the State, the press, the functionaries, soldiers and the police is known all too well. And if in spite of all this the doubt still nests in the minds of the gullible, it’s fitting to launch a question: Has there ever been a time when we have seen a gendarme defending the hungry and smashing the faces of the businessmen? No, never, the same question already exposes the reality, since the police forces are the armed wing of the exploiters, therefore there’s no reason to be surprised that the Capitalist-State discharges its fury when the oppressed rise up and disturb their interests. It’s equally absurd and illusory to beg the representatives of the state to punish their mercenaries that repress, torture and murder.


After the spilled blood, an ample sector of the teachers still insists on going ahead with tables of dialogue with the State. The said route has no future.
May there be no doubt, the rage expressed in the streets cannot settle for casting down some reforms, or removing a party or personality from power. Such wishes don’t correspond to our necessities as a class in struggle; on the contrary, they only divert and distract us from the only historical struggle which sooner or later we must assume: the complete destruction of capitalism and all its material and ideological foundations, together with all the machinery of the State and its institutions.

The proletarian struggle must break all the limits which the bourgeoisie offers; there’s no room for the respect of its laws or its norms. Believing that the current situation can be improved through parliamentary organs and legislation is forging our own defeat; it is reinforcing the pens of the slaughterhouse to which we have been driven over and over again.

Because of that, we mustn’t permit any social-democratic, pseudo-proletarian structure to appropriate the battles which are developing; that means leaving them the path open to later sit to negotiate the annihilation of the movement with the exploiters. The dead can’t be negotiated.
In contrast, it is becoming latent among the exploited to generate their own responses, perspectives which envisage further than patching up this miserable reality, but above all, being the direct agents of the battles, and assuming the antagonistic and revolutionary praxis.


The bourgeois tranquility has been broken. As in Oaxaca and a large part of Mexico, also in the Middle East, France, Greece, Chile, Venezuela and in other parts of the globe we see the smoke of revolt; it is felt that the firm ground of capitalism is collapsing.
So then, let’s prepare for the revolutionary battles which will put an end to this world full of misery, in order to so retake life, and fully open up into the human community, in communism and anarchy.


While misery exists there will be rebellion!
War upon Capital until it falls!

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