Adam Smith

"Preface" to Impasse Adam Smith - Jean-Claude Michéa

A provocative introductory essay by the author of Impasse Adam Smith that maintains that the Left, “which has always presented itself … as the sole legitimate heir of Enlightenment philosophy”, with its “religion of ‘Progress’”, “nourished on exactly the same philosophical sources as modern liberalism”, is not only alien to the spirit of the original socialism of the early 19th century, but is also intrinsically incapable of constituting a real challenge to contemporary capitalism, and that “the requirements of a coherent battle against the liberal utopia … render a radical break with the intellectual imaginary of the Left politically necessary”.

Necessary rehabilitation - V. Poznjakov

Antoine-Augustin Cournot Nicolas François Canard

On a branch of the Smithian school in France: Canard and Cournot. Under the Banner of Marxism, 1925, no. 7, p. 164-197