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France: calls for general strike against Macron's reforms

Cuts to employer contributions, dismantling of the Code du travail (laws governing employment conditions), pensions reform: Macron’s government is there to complete the destruction of everything that workers have won. So militants in France are calling on workers to draw on the lessons of past struggles and launch a prolonged general strike to paralyse the economy.

Anarchists join fight against IS to defend Kurdish autonomous areas

Taken from a report by the French Anarchist weekly paper Alternative Revolutionaire this short article gives a taste of developements on the ground in the fight against Islamic State.

Before AL: the UTCL from tendency to network

An article briefly tracing the history of Alternative Libertaire's predessor group, the Union des Travailleurs Communistes Libertaires.

Alternative libertaire : who are we ?

French platformist group's 'who are we?' statement in English

Casildo Arteaga , Pantaleon, 1912-2006

Spanish anarchist militia parade

A short biography of anarchist, Spanish Civil War and French Resistance fighter Pantaleon Casildo Arteaga.

Crosnier, Alain, 1955-2005

A biography of French anarchist and magazine director of Alternative Libertaire, Alain Crosnier.