Aragorn Eloff

Bread and vaccines

Bread & Vaccines

Pharmaceutical companies stand to make billions from the Covid-19 pandemic, but the vaccines they have developed are the fruits of the collective labour of all of humanity.

Beneath conspiracy theories, the class war

Illustration by Anastasya Eliseeva

The danger of conspiracy theories is their ability to breed apathy and resignation, offering an easy narrative that makes people susceptible to influence and limits social change. There is another way.

Book Review | Beyond the Periphery of the Skin

Beyond the Periphery of the Skin

Aragorn Eloff reviews Silvia Federici's new book, Beyond the Periphery of the Skin which shows how capitalism has captured our bodies and proposes possibilities for reclaiming and recreating them to resist the present and prefigure the future.

Beyond Bolivaria: a critical look at the fetishization of Chávez and ’21st century socialism’

Hugo Chavez.

By Aragorn Eloff, 2013. Written in response to the widespread adulation of Hugo Chavez in South Africa.

The Philosopher as Functionary: An Open Letter to David Benatar

This essay by Aragon Eloff, on academic responses to student protest in South Africa, was first published in The Con. It was written in response to a piece by David Benatar.