A Critique of the Idea of Happiness and a Refutation of Hedonism – Félix Rodrigo Mora

An abridged 2008 version of a longer work by the Spanish author, Félix Rodrigo Mora, that expresses culturally pessimistic and morally conservative views, yet from an extreme left perspective, which maintains that hedonism and the ideologically sanctified “pursuit of happiness” fostered by the liberal state have degraded human beings and deprived them of the psychological qualities necessary for effective participation in a revolutionary movement and made them “weak”, “hyper-docile”, “vulnerable”, dependent, stupid, addicted to drugs and alcohol, obese and chronically ill, and that the Epicureanism of the left has attracted a “swarm of nullities … without magnanimity or quality….”

Beyond democracy - Roi Ferreiro

An essay on the "socio-historical roots" of democracy, utilizing etymological and historical analyses of the term's use and meaning in ancient Greece and Rome to reveal its limitations and suggesting its practical and theoretical supersession in "ochlocracy". Includes subsidiary reflections on decentralization and populism.