The scene of the action: a wildcat strike in Barbados - Constance R. Sutton

Constance R. Sutton's dissertation on the 1958 wilcat strike by Barbadian sugar workers.

Continuing the fight for economic justice: the Barbadian sugar workers' 1958 wildcat strike - Constance R. Sutton

History of the 1958 sugar cane workers' wildcat strike in which workers at two adjoining plantations in Barbados refused to cut cane unless they were given a 15 cent per ton wage increase, before spreading plantations around the country.

Labour rebellions of the 1930s in the British Caribbean region colonies - Richard Hart

Buckley's riot, 1935

A brief overview of the numerous struggles which occurred in the British Caribbean during the 1930s, which led to the introduction of many trade union rights across the region, written by Jamaican trade unionist Richard Hart.

Junior doctors strike in Barbados

Junior doctors at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) are planning to take industrial action today.

Barbados: Publishing workers on wildcat strike

Workers at the Nation Publishing company walked out on strike on Tuesday following the sacking of a co-worker.

Barbados teachers wildcat strike against pay docking

Photo by Gregory Waldron from

Teachers at the Alexandra School in Barbados launched a wildcat strike after bosses attempted to deduct a day's pay for their attendance at a union event.