Black Flag

Black Flag 192 (July 1989)

An issue of Black Flag from 1989 including: clampdown on revolutonaries in China, campaign against blacklisters The Economic League, unofficial UK dockers strike, poll tax, review of Searchlight pamphlet on NF political soldiers, hunger strike by Red Army Faction prisoners, interview with Mike Randle, who helped MI6 whistleblower George Blake escape from prison, book reviews "The Wilson Plot" and "Who Framed Colin Wallace", Alfred Bonnano arrested, Lee House social centre opens in Hackney, lots of international news, letters, obituary for Fernando del Grosso,

Scan courtesy of Splits and Fusions archive.

Forever in Debt

Article on the stranglehold that debt has on working class communities, with some suggestions on resistance.

From Black Flag #220 (2001).

Curing The English Disease

In 1976, the Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan declared that the "English disease" of indiscipline and labour militancy was undermining the profitability of UK capital. Curing the "English disease" became the raison d’etre of the ruling class.

Article on New Labour and plans for resistance from Black Flag #220 (2001)

The Algerian Insurrection

Quevedo said of the Spaniards: "they haven't been able to be historians but they deserved to be". This is still true of the 1936 Spanish Revolution: others have written the history. It's too early to write the history of the insurrection that started in Algeria during spring 2001, but it's not too late to defend it; and to fight the deep indifference as we see it in France.

From Black Flag #222 (2002).

Changing the way we think of Direct Action

The following essay is a subjective consideration of where the anarchist/direct action movement is and where, I feel, it might go.

From Black Flag #222 (2002).

Vive l'anarchie: An interview with French Anarchists

The Presidential elections in France caused a bit of a stir. With the fascist candidate getting into the second round, the media and politicians in Britain went into a flurry. The French took to the streets, with anarchists taking the lead. Black Flag decided to find out more about the election, the protests and French Anarchism.

Article from Black Flag #222 (2002).

Anarcha-Feminism in Bolivia

Interview with Julieta Paredes of Mujeres Creando, an anarcha-feminist group in La Paz, Bolivia

From Black Flag #222 (2002).

Justice - A bourgeois Concept?

Article from Black Flag #222.

This article originated as a workshop given at the Prison Abolition Conference held in London, January 2002.

Authoritarians, Vanguards and Anti-Capitalist Movements

An anarchist response to the Socialist Workers Party's criticisms of the anti-capitalist movement in the 2000s.

From Black Flag 220 (2001).

We’re All Staying? Anti-Gentrification Struggles in 1990s Berlin

"Stop Leaving Buildings Empty - Flats For All - Affordable Rents"

Article from Black Flag #220 (2001) on struggles against the gentrification of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin.