Black Flag

Black Flag vol 05 #05 (1978)

The State was still jumpy in 1978 in the wake of the 1970-72 Angry Brigade bombings, and intense "anti-terror" activity was continuing to cause havoc in anarchist circles. The arrest of Mill and Bennet would turn into the infamous Persons Unknown trial.

How Can a Real Revolution Be Achieved?

Black Flag organ of the Anarchist Black Cross magazine logo from the 1980s

Transcript of the opening remarks of a debate between Dick Donnelly (for the Socialist Party of Great Britain) and Albert Meltzer (for Black Flag) taking place on 12 February 1987 at the Duke of York in London. Full audio recording also available online.

Black Flag 219 (1999)

Unlike in later issues, a PDF of this issue is not available, however the text is, from It is mirrored here for completeness and as a backup.

Not forgotten, then or now. Review: book of Russian anarchist prisoner support bulletins keeps their memory alive

The Kate Sharpley Library and Alexander Berkman Social Club collectives have recently produced a beautiful book containing complete facsimile reprints of the Bulletin of the Joint Committee for the Defense of Revolutionists Imprisoned in Russia, and the Bulletin of the Relief Fund of the International Working Men’s Association for Anarchists and Anarcho-Syndicalists Imprisoned or Exiled in Russia, which were originally published from 1923-1931.

Black Flag vol 04 #08

A Scanned PDF of the-then newspaper of the Anarchist Black Cross, from May 1976

Black Flag vol 04 #09

A Scanned PDF of the-then newspaper of the Anarchist Black Cross, from July 1976

Black Flag vol 04 #07 (Mar 1976)

A Scanned PDF of the-then newspaper of the Anarchist Black Cross, from March 1976

Black Flag vol 05 #03

Published in early 1978, this issue saw Albert Meltzer take on the daunting question of what a young and largely inexperienced Spanish anarchist movement should do in the years following the death of dictator Francisco Franco. Another article, by the Greek Information Service, describes what is today an increasingly familiar-sounding series of events...

Black Flag vol 05 #02

This 1977 issue of Black Flag features a lengthy essay on the internal situation of East Germany (The German Democratic Republic) at a period where it had gained recognition from the international community but was at the edge of its fall into decline and collapse.

Black Flag vol 04 #15

Scanned copy of Black Flag from 1977-78. The lead article is of particular interest, as it was sent in by a supporter of the Red Army Faction and explained the reason for the execution of German Federal Prosecutor Siegfried Buback in April 1977 - accusing Bubak of engineering a triple assassination which included Ulrike Meinhof. Simply possessing the article in Germany would have led to arrest at the time.