Class War

Class War covers gallery

An online archive of covers of the British Anarchist newspaper Class War from the 1980s-1990s.

Taken from various online sources, including Anarcho covers on Facebook.

Mark S. Tey - The Ends of Class War

A review article about the "final" issue 73 of Class War and related strands of the UK Anarchist movement in the late 1990s.

Originally appeared in issue 4 of Transgressions: A Journal of Urban Exploration (Newcastle, 1998)

Nostalgia in the UK

An article by the Bash Street Kids looking at the history of UK anarchism in the 1980s. This article was first published as part of Smash Hits Bulletin #3, and was subsequently made available on the internet by

Smash Hits: A Discussion Bulletin For Revolutionary Ideas

Smash Hits: A Discussion Bulletin For Revolutionary Ideas cover of issue 2

An archive of the discussion journal published in the wake of the schism in the Class War Federation after issue 73 ("the final issue") of the Class War newspaper.

Three issues were published.

Hipsterphobia - Cava Sundays

Class War's Fuck Parade anti-gentrification protest in Shoreditch

Interesting article on Class War attacking "hipsters" as part of their high-profile protest against gentrification in east London last month, pointing out its pitfalls, as well as pitfalls of populist anti-gentrification campaigning in general.

An afterthought: 'extra-parliamentary electoralism'

As a post script to the series on 'tactical voting' strategies and election narratives, a critical look at two different parties at the more radical end of radical electoralism.

The heavy stuff - Class War

The Heavy Stuff 1 cover

Online archive of anarchist group Class War Federation's theoretical journal, of which there were five issues from 1987 to 1992. We do not agree with it all but reproduce it for reference.