What is Dadaism and what does it want in Germany? - Dadaist Revolutionary Central Council

Manifesto written by Richard Huelsenbeck and Raoul Hausmann, first published in 'Der Dada 1' (1919), in the context of the unfolding, German revolution.

Manifesto of proletarian art

“Manifest Proletkunst” (Manifesto of Proletarian Art), a text written by the Dutch artist Theo van Doesburg, published in Kurt Schwitters' periodical Merz #2 in April 1923 (Hannover, p.24-25), with signatures by leading artists of the international avant-garde (Schwitters, Hans Arp, Tristan Tzara and Christof Spengemann).

Dada: a short history

A short account of the Dada movement that developed during the First World War in radical revulsion to the society that had let it come about.