Denmark's Mink Farms Demonstrate that Covid-19 is the Child of Capitalism

The media on 5 November was greatly agitated by the news that a new variant of SARS-CoV-2 had been found in intensive rearing of minks on Danish factory farms. This mutation weakens the ability to produce antibodies, a fact which could compromise the effectiveness of future vaccines.

Towards a General Strike from Below

Autonomous Revolutionary Nordic Alliance's call for a strike from below against the Swedish government's move to restrict the right to strike

1733: The Slave Rebellion of St.John

The island of St.John was a Danish colony, in 1733 a group of Akwamu slaves rebelled and successfully captured the island and held it for several months. However their plan was to replace the Danish as masters of the island and to keep the non Akwamu Africans as slaves. As a result many slaves actively sided with the colonial powers that eventually defeated the Akwamu.

Appeal on behalf on an oppressed human variety - Kurt Hiller

Classic speech against gay oppression written by Kurt Hiller for the Second International Congress for Sexual Reform in Copenhagen in 1928, which was translated by the Marxist cell within the Gay Liberation Front and published in 1970.

International Council Correspondence Volume 1, Number 12

The Volume 1, Number 12 (October 1935) issue of International Council Correspondence.

A biographical sketch of Edgar Bauer (1820-1886)

From cyber vigilantes to corporate thugs: Hackers back up employers in union conflict

The owners of Restaurant Vejlegaarden in Vejle in Denmark have received support from an unlikely quarter as hackers from across the world have organised to attack the restaurant's opponents in a union conflict. Anonymous have issued a statement distancing themselves from the hack (see comments below).

Carlsberg workers walk off job to retain right to drink beer at work

On April 8 2010, 800 Carlsberg factory workers walked off the job after new management policies tighten restrictions on beer drinking at work. Carlsberg's truck drivers have followed in sympathy.

1998: Danish private sector strike

A short history of the massive private sector strike that gripped Denmark for 10 days in 1998. Although ending after negotiations between the government and union leaders left workers demands largely unmet, the strike, involving about 10% of the Danish population was nonetheless a spectacular show of workers' strength.

Denmark: wildcat strike by cabin crew

Cancelled SAS flights

Wildcat action by 1600 air hostesses and stewards working for the airline SAS has led to the cancellation of 104 flights in and out of the Danish capital, Copenhagen.