Earth First!

Do Or Die #4 1994

Fourth issue of Do Or Die, featuring protests against the M11 link road in East London (Wanstonia), Criminal Justice Bill, Zapatistas, biodiversity crisis and the usual direct action news, poetry, international news, prisoners, publication reviews, letters, etc.

Do Or Die #3 1993

Third issue of Do Or Die including: Scotland updates, Pollock anti-motorway camp, Faslane Peace Camp, direct action reports, Cardiff Bay barrage, Wymondham Bypass protests, opposition to Bristol Tesco, Twyford Down diary part two (road protest camp etc), international news round up, poetry, critical reflections on recent occupation of Timbnet offices (suppliers of Brazillian mahogany), legal advice on being arrested, menstruation in the modern world, anti-fascism, MOVE, Earth First! members purchase wilderness land in Scotland (!), Animal Liberation Front, Gwynedd 3 trial, prisoners, letters, publication reviews.

Do Or Die #2 April/May 1993

Second issue of Do Or Die.

Contents include deforestation in Scotland, Permaculture, the feminisation of Earth First! by Judi Bari, direct action round ups and suggestions, Twyford Down road protest diary, letters, prisoners, poetry, Sellafield etc.

Do Or Die #1 1992

Debut issue of Do Or Die published circa 1992. Contents include EF! updates, direct action against logging, Derek Wall fingers green nazis, poetry, the environmental impact of the car, local residents protest against new Tesco in Bristol, Twyford Down road protests, everything you wanted to know about abseiling but were afraid to ask.

Do Or Die magazine - Voices From Earth First!

An online archive of Do Or Die, the magazine of Earth First! in the UK.

Ten issues were published.

Love & Rage Vol. 1 No. 5, August 1990

Issue 5 of Love & Rage, with articles on the Mohawk revolt in Canada, letters on the anti-poll tax movement and imperialism, a critique of L&R's macho imagery, anarchists confronting Operation Rescue in New York, a proposed biotech lab on the site of Malcolm X's assassination, a Stonewall commemoration organised by the Radical Faeries, Mandela and the ANC, torture by Chicago cops, anarchist movement news, prison news including a John Perotti update, news about the Polish anarchist movement from On Gogol Boulevard, a report from a L&R editorial council meeting, a revolutionary anarchist primer, and coverage of Earth First!'s Redwood Summer.

Love & Rage Vol. 1 No. 4, July 1990

Issue 4 of Love & Rage, with letters, a call to defend the redwoods of California, the bombing of Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney's car, bi women in the lesbian community, the Radical Faeries, international news including the ANC torturing alleged anarchists, prison news including a hunger striker dying in Spain, an article on imperialism and national liberation, the On Gogol Boulevard column with news of a Russian syndicalist's murder, workers' autonomy in the Soviet Union and a Russian anarchist held in a psychiatric hospital, squatters' news from France, Denmark and Holland, women's health, and antifascist reports from San Francisco and Ohio.

Dirty energy resistance roundup: court cases, blockades and police aggression

As Reclaim the Power and Earth First! activists are ordered to pay £10,000 compensation to coal firm Miller Argent following their blockade against its Ffos-y-fran opencast coal mine last month, direct actions are happening across Britain to head off fracking firms.

Primitive Thought

Chaz Bufe on misanthropy in Earth First! and the primitivist and radical ecology movements.