Egypt unrest

History and the Sphinx: Of Riots and Uprisings

Riots are the Sphinx of the left.

Jasper Bernes and Joshua Clover on The Rebirth of History: Times of Riots and Uprisings by Alain Badiou

Talking 'bout a revolution?

The Syrian events are a challenge for both left wing party people and revolutionaries. Part of the confusion, however, is related to matters of definition, choice of words and what they mean. One such word is 'revolution'. Does it apply? And if so, what does that mean?

The rise of Egypt’s workers

Joel Beinin on strikes, the labour movement and workers' organizing before, during and after the Egyptian intifada.

Egypt, Bahrain, London, Spain?– Tahrir Square as a meme

DSG's piece on resistance tactics as 'meme' and the emergence of public space occupations in North Africa and Europe.

Indignados and the Arab Spring - a graphic collection

Work from designers and artists at the sharp end of 2011's rebellions in the Middle East, North Africa, Spain and Latin America.

A trip down CrimethInc’s memory hole: 2010-2011 in review, reviewed.

Cautiously Pessimistic blog analyses and critiques Crimethinc's piece on the UK anti-austerity movement, the Wisconsin uprising and the Egyptian revolt.

Egypt’s security forces massacred prisoners during the revolution

During the Egyptian revolution of January 2011, security forces massacred over 100 prisoners, and injured thousands more in many of Egypt's prisons. Whilst in other prisons, the state engineered the escape of prisoners in an attempt to destabilise the revolution. The Egyptian state are now attempting to cover up the atrocities.

Egypt: a historic compromise over an attempt at democratic insurrection - Mouvement Communiste and Kolektivně proti kapitálu

Tahrir Square somewhere

Pamphlet by Mouvement Communiste and Kolektivně proti kapitálu about the unrest in Egypt in 2011.

To the Occupy movement – the occupiers of Tahrir Square are with you

A letter of solidarity to the #Occupy movement, from activists in Cairo, which also attempts to clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding the Egyptian Revolution in regards to nonviolence.

Post-Ramadan strike wave hits Egypt

Egyptian postal workers.

The first two weeks of September have witnessed a massive wave of strikes, with many more planned for the rest of the month. These are taking place despite the law - issued in April - criminalizing strikes which harm the national economy, and despite regulations issued by the ruling military junta making negotiations during the course of strikes unacceptable.