Etiko, I - Petro Kropotkino

De Petro Kropotkin, trad. el la rusa. 1926, 236 p, SAT. "Filozofia studado pri la deveno de l' moralaj konceptoj. La valoro de la traduko estas nediskutebla, kvankam la frazoj estas ofte longaj."

A dissection of the metaphysics of scarcity - humanaesfera

Philosophical article that criticizes the metaphysics of scarcity, widely used (as "unquestionable presupposition") to justify the status quo, repression, commodity exchange, state, exploitation - a true theodicy (an imaginary justification of the sufferings and evils of the world). It shows how both economics and ecology are variations of this same metaphysics, radicalized by the commodity fetishism that pervades subjectivity in modern, capitalist society. And there's an addendum that addresses the pre-capitalist gift.

Autonomy and daily life - Spinoza and Kant's imperative: "Treat others and yourself as ends, not as means" - humanaesfera

A short text about the basics of materialist ethics, our power to change the circumstances of everyday life and creating and developing our abilities and needs.