Fernand Pelloutier

Anarchy and Culture - Fernand Pelloutier and the dilemma of revolutionary syndicalism

ALAN SPITZER is Professor of History at the University of Iowa. We are grateful to him and to the editor of the International Review of Social History for permission to reproduce his essay. Passages quoted in French has been translated for ANARCHY.

Anarchism and the workers' unions - Fernand Pelloutier

In the following 1895 article, Fernand Pelloutier, a French anarchist and labour leader, developed the theoretical foundations of revolutionary syndicalism by encouraging workers to organise unions run on libertarian principles of direct democracy and self-management both as a way of retaining control over their own struggles against the autocratic relationships characteristic of capitalist relations of production and of preparing the way for a collective transition to an economically democratic, classless society.

History of the bourses du travail - Fernand Pelloutier

First published in France in 1901, this seminal classic of revolutionary syndicalism, now available for the first time in English translation, is more than just a history of the Bourses du Travail: alternating with some (rather dry) accounts of the internal procedures of the Bourses, the book features fascinating glimpses of the living conditions of French sailors, fishermen and agricultural laborers, an extensive report on the ambitious program of the Bourses (libraries, “Museums of Labor”, a statistical service, adult education courses, agrarian and maritime propaganda, etc.) and proposals regarding the role of the workers organizations in the future society.

Fernand Pelloutier and syndicalism - Max Nettlau

A short intellectual biography of one of the founders of French revolutionary syndicalism, Fernand Pelloutier, written in 1932 by the “Herodotus of anarchism”, Max Nettlau, featuring extensive quotations from Pelloutier’s dialogue, What Is the General Strike? (Qu’est-ce que la Grève générale?) (written in collaboration with Henri Girard in 1894) and The Corporative Organization and Anarchy (L'Organisation corporative et l'Anarchie) (1896).

Fernand Pelloutier: A biographical sketch - Victor Dave

A brief biographical sketch of the life of Fernand Pelloutier by his contemporary, the Belgian anarchist Victor Dave, featuring the text of Pelloutier’s Les deux tâches du syndicalisme. Appel de la Fédération nationale des Bourses du travail pour le 1er mai 1896 (The Two Tasks of Syndicalism. Manifesto of the National Federation of the Bourses du Travail for the First of May 1896) as well as an excerpt from L’Organisation corporative et L’anarchie.

Art and revolt - Fernand Pelloutier

Text of a speech delivered on behalf of the group, Arte Social, in Paris in 1896, in which one of the founders of French revolutionary syndicalism expresses his views on art and revolution, discusses the decadence of bourgeois morality and illustrates its deleterious effects on the morale of the working class by means of colorful anecdotes drawn from contemporary newspaper reports, and proclaims that "the goal of revolutionary art" is to "remove the veil from social lies".