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UK workplace news roundup, August 2010

Recent industrial news from the UK, including transport strikes in Liverpool, walkouts at West Lothian Council and Southampton libraries, and strike ballots for London firefighters, ambulance drivers, and tube staff.

Spring wave of strikes hits Greece

Lawyers have called a 3-day long strike and doctors continue withdrawing their labour against the austerity measures, train workers halt their locomotives, while four different labour marches are to be performed within the day by judicial officers, firemen and pensioners in Athens, along with a central public sector march in the afternoon.

Reduction of fire hazard: in the event of firefighter strike or war against Iraq - No War But The Class War

A public-service announcement from Her Majesty's No War But The Class War Office on how to respond to a strike of firefighters or the outbreak of war against Iraq.

The Fire-fighters - No War But The Class War

No War But The Class War leaflet produced at the beginning of the 2002-2003 firefighter's strike.

Firefighters clash with riot police in Athens

Greek firefighter lights a flare during occupation of fire service headquarters.

Firemen from all around Greece gather in Athens to demand permanent employment and clash with riot police forces

South Yorkshire fire crews anger over shift changes

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue HQ, Sheffield.

South Yorkshire fire crews have accused managers of being hell bent on confrontation over moves to impose new shifts.

Vallejo, California: Unions help city with lay-offs

The city of Vallejo in the San Francisco Bay Area may be the first city in California history to declare bankruptcy. However several unions are helping the city to cut jobs in an effort to ward off bankruptcy.

Funding cuts hit fire service

Following severe warnings from the Fire Brigades Union over government mishandling of the service, cuts have been announced in the Northeast and Southwest of the country. Freedom newspaper reports

Scotland: Airport workers to strike over 2% pay offer

After a 2% pay offer - 2.5% pay cut against inflation - fire-fighters and engineering staff in Highland airports in the T&G (Unite) union have decided to strike from July 30.

Belgium: wildcat strike at Brussels airport

Brussels airport

All flights to and from Brussels airport were cancelled from 6am on Friday after firefighters and security personnel began wildcat action due to a dispute over overtime.