George Fontenis

Worker autonomy: debate on the trade unions

The following presents a commentary on a three-part debate (part 1, part 2 and part 3) conducted, within the pages of ultra-left journal Socialisme or Barbarie, by different representatives of the libertarian communist tradition on the trade unions. The commentary aims to introduce contemporary reflections on the trade union movement using the analysis to draw together anarchist communist strategies towards organised labour in the present period.

Participation in trade unions

The second in a three-part debate conducted within the pages of Marxist ultra-left journal Socialisme ou Barbarie on the nature of the trade unions. Translated by Corinne Chambers and published in English by Ninth Symphony Press (Collective Action) as 'Worker Autonomy: Debate on the Unions'. Fontenis' criticisms here are principally directed against the views of the Renault worker Daniel Mothé. These were published earlier in the same journal as, "Union Bureaucracy and the Workers"