China crash: the faltering of economic transition

Chai - destruction of housing in Beijing

The stock market crash happens at a time when the Chinese development model has reached a turning point, and the financial turmoil reflects underlying structural problems of the economy.

The new strikes in China

prd strike

An article by "friends of gongchao" describes the development of strikes in China in recent years as well as the strike at Yue Yuen shoe factories in Dongguan, South China, in April 2014.

Left dead-end street vs. destructive critique: China's counterinsurgency policies and how to respond

Gongchao on the attempts of the Chinese state to handle growing unrest and struggle.

"We are no machines": workers' struggle in a Chinese electronics factory in Poland

An overview of a strike by the syndicalist union Workers Initiative, at a contract manufacturing plant in Poland that produces components for the Korean electronics multinational, LG.

"I work beside my shit. I eat beside my shit.": impressions from the dockworkers strike in Hong Kong

An article by Frido Wenten based on talking with a dockworker in Hong Kong during the Spring 2013 strikes.

Against the fetish of representation: class struggle in China beyond the leftist Grand Narrative

An overview of the effects and causes of strikes and labor unrest in China over the last decade, and how what some leftists and NGOs advocate is inadequate for the advancement of class struggle in the country.

Revolt of the iSlaves - More labour unrest at China's Foxconn factories

Two incidents of mass unrest at Foxconn factories made worldwide headlines in late September and early October 2012. The leading customer Apple had just released a new version of his main product, the iPhone 5, so work pressure in the factories was high – and so was worldwide attention.