Guy Aldred

Socialism & Parliament - Guy Aldred

Guy A. Aldred argues for libertarian, extra-parliamentary socialism instead of Labourist or statist socialism in 1923.

The battle for the Green - John Taylor Caldwell

The late veteran Glasgow anarchist JT Caldwell tells the story of a struggle to defend the right of open air speaking on Glasgow Green during the early 1930s. As well as legal conflicts, the events included rowdy mass demonstrations of up to one hundred thousand people.

Source; Workers City; ed. Farquhar McLay, Clydeside Press, Glasgow 1988.

Anarchism in 1940s Glasgow

Guy Aldred.

Two interviews with veterans of the anarchist scene in 1940s Glasgow.

Reds On The Green - A Short Tour of Clerkenwell Radicalism

Insurgents burning Clerkenwell Priory, 1381.

This text is a short sketch of the radical history of the Clerkenwell area, its characters and events.

Left-wing communism in Britain 1917-21...An infantile disorder? - Bob Jones

A survey of the anti-parliamentarist communist movement in Britain during and after WWI, and the effects of Comintern/Bolshevik directives on the efforts at organisational unity.

Communism - Story of the Communist Party - Guy A. Aldred

Guy A. Aldred

Aldred's summary of the development of the official communist movement and of its external radical communist critics contains a wealth of detail.

Trade unionism and the class war - Guy Aldred

Liverpool transport strike - 1911

Pamphlet on class struggle and the unions by the anarchist-communist Guy Aldred.

The fight for freedom of speech on Glasgow Green, 1916-1932

Spanish Civil War rally on Glasgow Green, late 1930s.

The history of the successful struggle to restore freedom of speech and assembly in one of Britain's oldest parks after it was banned in 1922.