Jaime Semprun

Waiting for the barbarians - Jaime Semprun

In this essay written after the LA Riots of 1992, Jaime Semprun expresses a pessimistic view of the new "barbarians", the uncivilized youth who according to him have been economically marginalized by capitalism but also socially integrated by the spectacle of power and violence, and compares their social dislocation and nihilism with Hannah Arendt's characterization of the preconditions for the mass psychology of totalitarianism ("isolation and the absence of normal social relations").

Apology for the Algerian insurrection - Jaime Semprun

Translated extracts of a pamphlet on the 2001 Algerian insurrection.

Jaime Semprún has died

Claude Roy & Jaime Semprún

Jaime Semprún: (26th July, 1947-Aug 3rd 2010)