James Frey

Book Review: Lines of Work

A review by JF of Recomposition's Lines of work: stories of jobs and resistance, which compares and contrasts the book with the last two journals from Endnotes.

A moving story: with afterword - Jocelyn Cohn and James Frey

In 2012, workers at a small moving company in New York City rose up against bad pay and dangerous work conditions. In the course of the struggle, much was revealed about how exploitation operates; how the enticements of 'self-expression' and a 'laid back' atmosphere serve to weaken consciousness and collective action. At the same time, this history reveals the opportunities and limits that workers face within self-organized struggles in a small business format. This is an updated version with a new 2013 afterward by the original author.

Jocelyn and James Respond

Jocelyn and James respond to Nate Hawthorne and others in response to their piece, 'Our friends with benefits'.

Our friends with benefits: on the union question - Unity and Struggle

A response by Jocelyn Cohn, of Unity and Struggle, and James Frey to Advance the Struggle on the Union question.

Silencing America’s Radical History: Where Do We Go From Here?

Grace Lee-Boggs

James Frey and Jocelyn Cohn critique a panel held at the progressive New School University where Grace Lee-Boggs was giving a lecture.

Against Transparency

Against Transparency

Jocelyn Cohn and James Frey question the demand for budgetary transparency.

A moving story

A Moving Story

In the Summer of 2012 the exploited workers of Rabbit Movers autonomously organized our shop and began the fight for control over the conditions of our lives. This is one worker’s account of how it all went down.