Joe Burns

Review of Lines of Work: Stories of Jobs and Resistance

A review by Joe Burns of Lines of Work: Stories of Jobs and Resistance.

Reviving the strike - Joe Burns

If the American labor movement is to rise again, it will not be as a result of electing different politicians, the passage of legislation, or improved methods of union organizing. Rather, workers will need to rediscover the power of the strike. Not the ineffectual strike of today, where employees meekly sit on picket lines waiting for scabs to take their jobs, but the type of strike capable of grinding industries to a halt - the kind employed up until the 1960s, argues Joe Burns.

Joe Burns: What the labor movement needs

Industrial Worker interview with Joe Burns, author of Reviving the Strike

Navigating negotiations


Nate Hawthorne takes a look at how labor-capital structures of negotiation have changed in response to worker militancy and the state changing how it deals with what capitalists do. Along the way he gets into Joe Burns' new book, the ILWU-EGT conflict, the Occupy movement and 'direct unionism'.