John Sullivan

Solidarity forever? - John Sullivan and Tom Hillier, and Maurice Brinton's reply

Solidarity Forever?

At the end of 1968 John Sullivan and Tom Hillier left Solidarity to join International Socialism (I.S.) the trotskyist group around Tony Cliff, and produced a pamphlet criticizing Solidarity. It's reproduced here together with Solidarity's reply by Maurice Brinton.

Vietnam: Socialism or pacifism? - John Sullivan

Article written by John Sullivan, expert on Spanish politics and famous for his satirical pieces on the British left in 1966. This article is significant because it demonstrates the plurality of views within Solidarity and was also written during the group's move away from 'the peace milieu'.

As soon as this pub closes... - John Sullivan

Pamphlet from the 1980s giving a detailed but tongue in cheek overview and history of the British left.