Juraj Katalenac

What’s up with Bosnia? - Juraj Katalenac

Article about situation in Bosnia as rioting across the country continues in the wake of demonstrations against privatisation, from Insurgent Notes.

Yugoslav self-management: Capitalism under the red banner - Juraj Katalenac

Kardelj and Tito

Analysis of Yugoslav socialism and its system of self-management.

Interview with TPTG: Class struggles in Greece


Interview with Greek anti-authoritarian communist collective TPTG about crisis of capitalism and its reflections on Greece and class struggle of proletariat against austerity measures. Interview was made before elections in Greece, but we discuss Left and their actions. Also, first two answers are taken from their article Burdened with Debt Reloaded.

The network of anarcho-syndicalists (MASA), Croatia

An introduction to MASA and its activities since its foundation in 2008.