Kathi Weeks

Life within and against work: affective labor, feminist critique, and post-Fordist politics - Kathi Weeks

Kathi Weeks examines immaterial and affective labour from a feminist perspective, drawing on the work of both Arlie Hochschild and C.W. Mills.

Imagining non-work - Kathi Weeks

Imagining non-work - Kathi Weeks

Kathi Weeks discusses how even our concepts of leisure are defined in relation to work, and how we might escape work's domination of life.

The problem with work: feminism, marxism, antiwork politics and postwork imaginaries - Kathi Weeks

In The Problem with Work, Kathi Weeks boldly challenges the presupposition that work, or waged labor, is inherently a social and political good. While progressive political movements, including the Marxist and feminist movements, have fought for equal pay, better work conditions, and the recognition of unpaid work as a valued form of labor, even they have tended to accept work as a naturalized or inevitable activity. Weeks argues that in taking work as a given, we have “depoliticized” it, or removed it from the realm of political critique.

The future is now: Utopian demands and the temporalities of hope

The fifth and penultimate chapter of Kathi Weeks' "The Problem With Work". It deals with the role of utopianism in the creation of movements, the framing of programmes and manifestos.