Ken Weller

Danger! Official Secret: RSG6 - Spies For Peace

A PDF of the notorious document produced by Spies For Peace in 1963 exposing "Regional Seat of Government 6" near Reading in Berkshire - a secret bunker for use by the rich and powerful in a nuclear war.

Beyond Counting Arses

Influential document produced by eight members of the London Committee of 100 in 1963, opposing bureaucracy and promoting direct action.

The ideas expressed would feed into the work done by Spies For Peace in exposing "Regional Seats of Government" - secret bunkers for the rich and powerful in the event of nuclear war.

According to Maurice Brinton, its authors were "radicals, mainly from or close to Solidarity".

WRP: The Party's Over – Ken Weller

As controversy over the expulsion of party founder, Gerry Healy grew, WRP Genera

Solidarity member Ken Weller reviews the new Workers Revoutionary Party chorus line and finds it parading the same feet of clay.

What is libertarian socialism? An interview with Ken Weller

Interview between Flux magazine and Ken Weller, a member of Solidarity, about the nature of libertarian socialism, conducted in 1995.

Looking back at 1956 from 30 years after - Ken Weller

Ken Weller

Ken Weller from the Solidarity group is interviewed 30 years after the Hungary 56 events about their ramifications within the Communist Party in the UK.

The BLSP dispute: the story of the strike - Ken Weller

A detailed account and analysis of an important strike at the British Light Steel Pressings plant against job cuts in 1961, which was undermined by the unions and eventually defeated.

Standard Triumph strike: the full facts - Solidarity

An account and lessons of the unofficial strike by 126 workers at the Standard Triumph Service Depot 24 April-14 June, 1961. Written by George Jacobs, Ken Weller, Tom Hillier and Jim Petter and published as Solidarity pamphlet 5.

What next for engineers? - Ken Weller

1972 reprint by Big Flame of a Solidarity pamphlet by Ken Weller about the learnings for workers from the ten-week strike at Ford Dagenham in 1962, as Ford management begin to get tough at the Halewood plant.

Busmen, what next? - Solidarity

Solidarity pamphlet 16, published 21 January, 1964 and written mostly by London bus workers. It looks at the life of the workers, past struggles, the present situation and makes suggestions on how to organise for the future.

G.M.W.U.: scab union - Mark Fore

G.M.W.U. - Scab Union

A close look at the General and Municipal Workers Union by "Mark Fore": a pseudonym of Ken Weller. It was published by Solidarity (London) in February 1970 (Solidarity pamphlet No. 32).