Kevin Keating

Anti-capitalist actions around mass transit in San Francisco, 1993-1995

A personal account of some actions towards encouraging a "culture of non-payment" in a big city public transit system.

Stalinism’s loyal opposition - The counter-revolutionary politics of Trotsky


This article was originally written to refute lies about the history of 20th century revolutionary movements peddled by the Trotskyists of the Spartacus League.

American defeat: an anti-state communist perspective on the war in Iraq, 2003 - Kevin Keating

Keating's analysis of the US-UK war in Iraq, which we disagree with and which contains numerous flaws, including casual anti-semitism. We reproduce it for reference only.

Mutinies - Treason

Vietnam veterans demonstrate against the war, circa 1970

PDF pamphlet from 2003 with articles on mutinies in Vietnam and Yugoslavia.