Kristian Williams

Our enemies in blue - Kristian Williams

Let's begin with the basics: violence is an inherent part of policing.

Anarchism's mid-century turn - Kristian Williams

A review by Kristian Williams of Andrew Cornell's Unruly Equality: U.S. Anarchism in the Twentieth Century.

Gun rights are civil rights

Black Panthers protest against gun control laws, Sacramento 1967

An article by Kristian Williams and Peter Little on how debates in the US on gun control and gun rights "reflect historic and contemporary struggles over race, class, and the politics of violence and power in society as a whole."

The demand for order and the birth of modern policing - Kristian Williams

19th-century police fight with drunks in New York City

Kristian Williams analyses the founding of the American police force, and argues that instead of fighting crime, they were established as an instrument of social control over the working class.