Laura María Agustín

Sex as work and sex work: a marxian take

In this essay, Laura Agustín discusses among other things, sex in relationships as work and sex work as reproductive labour and a job.

Forget victimisation: Granting agency to migrants

Laura Agustín, lifelong migrant and and author of Sex at the Margins: Migration, Labour Markets and the Rescue Industry, explores the concept of migrancy, exposes the prejudices in what is meant by the term and proposes another vision, in which less advantaged people are granted ordinary human autonomy.

Helping women who sell sex: The construction of benevolent identities

An article by Laura María Agustín on the emergence of 'benevolent' identities during the 'rise of the social' who saw their role as helping working-class women who sold sex, thus constructing 'prostitutes' as pathetic victims to the detriment of their agency and autonomy.