Left-Communist Group of Vietnam

Friends to Lovers, Slow Burn: Israel & Vietnam

Reuven Rivlin and Trần Đại Quang

Israel, by helping develop industry within the “Socialist” Republic, ensures it has another market to trade its goods in. Not only that, but factories like the one mentioned prior help create a flow of capital from Vietnam to Israel, directly benefiting the bourgeoisie. — Left-Communist Group of Vietnam

Vietnam and Labor Unions

These workers risk their life working without safety protection in Binh Thuan Pr

Vietnam, being the equivalent of a social democracy, places prime importance on “workers rights” (officially anyway). That’s why the government allows the existence of party-approved trade unions who can only legally be represented by one party approved national organization - Left-Communist Group of Vietnam

Grab Workers Strike in Vietnam

On-demand motorbike hailing services in Hanoi, Viet Nam

Hundreds of proletarians working for the ride hailing service Grab have gone on strike - Left-Communist Group of Vietnam