Lionel Sims

Anthropology: Reclaiming the dragon (what was primitive communism?) - Lionel Sims

red dragon

Article arguing that class society and patriarchy only arose ten to twenty thousand years ago. For over a hundred thousand years, before this counterrevolution, we lived in more gender-egalitarian and anarchist/communist hunter-gatherer societies. Lionel Sims shows the evidence for this counter-revolution in the Bible, in world-wide myths, in hunter-gatherer studies, in research on apes and in archaeology.

Primitive communism, barbarism and the origins of class society - Lionel Sims

Mammoth hunting: big-game abundance

Lionel Sims on primitive communism, in particular examining the claims of Frederick Engels.

Stonehenge and the Neolithic Counter-revolution - Lionel Sims

Lionel Sims says that Stonehenge can only be understood properly in the context of the defeat of the female sex and the transition from primitive communism to class society.