Max Stirner

Anarchy #092:Risinghill and Kilquhanity

Issue of Anarchy magazine published in October 1968, issue is dedicated to education.

Der politische Liberalismus - Max Stirner

Das ist eine der härtesten Kritiken, die je über politischen Liberalismus verübt wurde.
Natürlich sollte nicht Alles, was Denkern und Unterstützern des Liberalismus zugeschrieben wird, als Schund angesehen werden, wie gerade in der giftigen Kritik von Stirner zu lesen.

The Worker and the Government - Max Stirner

Short excerpt from Stirners Unique and its Property focussing on the proletariat and its relationships with government.

Political Liberalism - Max Stirner

Stirner's essay on the for him modern state and liberal ideology that it promoted and depended on.

The Unique and Its Property

The Unique and Its Property brings to the world a radical view: egoism, the notion that the individual is the measure of all things. Max Stirner's opus first published in 1845. In the first new English-language translation since 1907.

Volume 2 Issue 3

Vol. II MAY, 1907 No.3

A Marxist Critique of Anarchism

Karl Marx and Mikhail Bakunin

Transcript of the opening remarks from a Marx Centenary special talk by Steve Coleman for the Socialist Party of Great Britain on 28 August 1982. Full audio recording also available online.

Karl Marx and the anarchists - Paul Thomas

Karl Marx and the Anarchists examines Marx's confrontations with anarchist theoreticians he encountered at various stages of his career as a revolutionist. Paul Thomas argued that Marx's attacks on Stirner, Proudhon, and Bakunin strongly influenced his own interpretation of revolutionary politics, and are of vital importance to an understanding of the subsequent enmity between Marxists and Anarchists.