Maximilien Rubel

Socialist humanism: an international symposium - Edited by Erich Fromm

Out of Print collection on socialist humanism edited by Erich Fromm published in 1965.

Marx Without Myth (1975) Maximilien Rubel

Marx Without Myth (1975) Maximilien Rubel

Part of the series of biographies of Karl Marx.
Reproduced for reference.

Non-Market Socialism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries - Maximilien Rubel, John Crump (editors)

In the nineteenth century, socialists as different as Marx and Kropotkin were agreed that socialism means a marketless, moneyless, wageless, classless, stateless world society. Subsequently this vision of non-market socialism has been developed by currents such as the anarcho-communists, impossibilists, council communists, Bordigists and Situationists. By tracing this development, this book challenges the assumptions of both supporters and opponents of what is conventionally regarded as socialism.

Review: Non-market socialism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries - The Red Menace

The Red Menace reviews Maximilien Rubel and John Crump's book, Non-Market Socialism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.

The dictatorship of the proletariat - Maximilien Rubel

Maximilian Rubel's 'Le Monde', 7 May 1976 contribution to the debate around the French Communist Party's 'abandonment' of the dictatorship of the proletariat. In it, he characterises it as being linked to the party's long-term abandonment of Marx and the primacy of the struggles of the working class in favour of their own vanguardist ambitions.

Marx, theoretician of anarchism - Maximilien Rubel

Maximilien Rubel's 1973 article highlighting the libertarian elements within Marx's work and its importance to anarchism, regardless of Marx's lengthy critiques of famous anarchist theoreticians.

Rubel, Maximilien, 1905-1996

Maximilien Rubel.

A short biography of Ukrainian-born French council communist Maximilien Rubel.