Mexico City

Tepito: no thanks, first world

Gustavo Esteva on the puzzle of autonomy in 1990s Tepito, an inner-city community in Mexico City, which prefers to manage its own affairs, without interference from the forces of “development”.

ALF bombings in Mexico lead to anti-student witchhunt

Student activists are targeted on Mexico's notoriously independent and active public university campuses following a string of bomb attacks in the vein of Animal Liberation Front (ALF) tactics.

Military and federal police bust Mexican electrical workers' union

Late on Saturday night, around 6,000 Mexican police occupied the various sites of Luz y Fuerza del Centro, central Mexico's state-run electricity company. Immediately following the occupation, President Felipe Calderón issued notice of the company's liquidation, with the termination of some 44,000 jobs.

Mexico: violence at university workers strike in Mexico City

A tense strike and occupation at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM) in the southeast of Mexico City today enters its 31st day despite the picket line being attacked by hostile students.