The myth of Mondragon: Cooperatives, politics, and working class life in a Basque town - Sharryn Kasmir

Sharryn Kasmir's critical account of the internationally renowned Mondragon cooperatives of the Basque region of Spain.

Worker co-operatives, markets and the South African state

An evaluation of the realities faced by co-operatives operating in the market through an analysis of ‘worker control’ and ‘social ownership’ in the former Yugoslavian co-operatives, ‘degeneration of worker control’ in the Mondragon Co-operative Complex in Spain and the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality’s state sponsored co-operative development project in South Africa.

Go slow strike at Mondragon factory

FagorMastercook factory

Workers fight for wage increase at FagorMastercook in Poland, part of the Mondragon capital group.

Co-operatives: all in this together?

An interesting article from The Economist discussing the merits of workers' co-operatives as a means to avoid class conflict in a time of recession.