How Labour governed, 1945-1951 – Syndicalist Workers’ Federation

Clement Attlee - How Labour governed, 1945-1951

A pamphlet by the Syndicalist Workers' Federation on how the Labour Party governed between the years 1945 and 1951 examining their relationship with the working class and how "socialist" it really was.

Libertarian communism and the transitional regime - Christiaan Cornelissen

This 1931 text by the Dutch anarchosyndicalist Christiaan Cornelissen, who in 1916 was a signatory of the pro-war Manifesto of the Sixteen, argues against the possibility of the direct implementation of communist policies after the revolution and for the persistence of money, “government”, police and prisons during a transitional period that will only gradually overcome the baneful legacy of capitalism, and calls upon the trade unions to cultivate a technocratic leadership cadre to direct high level strategic planning by financial-industrial socialist trusts, and thus prepare humanity and the economy for communism. We do not agree with this article but reproduce for reference.

B*llocks to clause four - Subversion

Communist critique of leftist support for nationalisation and worker co-ops.

On the US row over private versus "socialised" healthcare

Killed by communism: Hawking

The Anarchist Federation analyses the ongoing debate in the United States over controversial plans for health care reform.

Bailouts, co-operatives or class struggle - a debate

A debate between Iain McKaye and the libcom group about an adequate workers' response to the credit crunch - should we advocate nationalisation, co-op's, or struggle?

Fictitious Capital and the New-Fangled Schemes of Public Credit

The text of talk by Marx's theory of fictitious capital, capital accumulation and the current economic crisis.