natural disasters

Callout for funds for Beyond Resistance, organising after the devastating Christchurch earthquake

On February 22nd at just before 1pm, a devastating earthquake, measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale, and just 10km deep, hit Christchurch, the second biggest city in New Zealand. So far over 160 people have been officially declared dead and that toll is expected to rise to over 200. The earthquake came less than 6 months after a destructive 7.1 magnitude shock, which claimed no lives but saw thousands of homes and buildings damaged or destroyed.

Austerity: No restoration for Aquila

Italy’s earthquake city set to remain a ghost town as cuts bite, reports Rob Ray for Freedom anarchist newspaper

Haiti earthquake - statement from Batay Ouvriye

Position statement on the devastating Haiti earthquake and its aftermath by Haitian workers' organisation Batay Ouvriye.

Murdering the dead: Amadeo Bordiga on capitalism and other disasters - Antagonism

Antagonism's introduction to a collection of articles by Amadeo Bordiga, looking at how capitalism both exacerbates, and creates, supposedly 'natural' disasters.

Bangladesh - aftermath of a cyclone

In recent days there have been demonstrations across those coastal areas of Bangladesh worst-hit by the 'Sidr' cyclone of 15 November.

2005: Dead city - accounts of Hurricane Katrina