The Proletariat as Destroyer of Work

The French group Négation’s text, “The Proletariat as Destroyer of Work” (1972), is an exceptional document that not only manages to serenely separate itself from its past, but to this day remains an extraordinary settling of scores with all manner of current and future candidates to perpetuate it.

Crise e autogestão - Négation

Texto que analisa a contra-revolução sob a forma de capital variável autogerindo empresas ocupadas. Afirma, contra ela, a perspectiva de negação da empresa na comunidade material, a comunidade humana mundial.

The state and counter-revolution - Negation

A 1972 article by Negation, in the United States debunking the myths of Leninism and the New Left in particular.

Lip and the self-managed counter-revolution, 1973 – Negation

Poster of the movie on the Lip factory

A critical article about workers' struggles at the Lip watch factory in France, where workers began self-managing the firm..