North America

Review: They can't kill us all: Ferguson, Baltimore, and the new era in America's racial justice movement

They Can't Kill Us All

A review of Wesley Lowery's book covering the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement and other activist projects in response to police shootings in the US.

The Black Bloc Papers

The Black Bloc Papers- An Anthology of Primary Texts From The North American Anarchist Black Bloc
1988-2005 The Battle of Seattle Through The Anti-War Movement
Edited and compiled by David Van Deusen and Xaviar Massot
of The Green Mountain Anarchist Collective

Black Star: An Anarchist Review V. 1 # 2

Black Star: An Anarchist Review was a periodic magazine issued by the north american Social Revolutionary Anarchist Federation (SRAF)

The issue was printed in either late 1975 or early 1976)

"No Blood for Oil!"

Text from a simple poster issue by the ACF in the Spring of 1980. At that time the Carter administration was seeking to reintroduce the military draft (which had been suspended since the end of the Viet Nam war).
The USSR had invaded Afghanistan and blood hell was going on in Lebanon (between Christians, supported by Israel, and Lebanese muslims, mainly supported by Syria).