Pierre Besnard

The One Big Union Monthly (September 1937)

The September 1937 issue of IWW journal The One Big Union Monthly, with articles by John Sershon, Covington Hall, x302661, Fred Thompson, Joseph Wagner, Pierre Besnard, Eli Hill, and Onofre Dallas.

Six articles on the Spanish Revolution - Pierre Besnard

In this collection of articles originally published in 1947-48 in the Toulouse journal, Universo, the prominent French anarchosyndicalist Pierre Besnard contributes to the debate over the government collaboration of the Spanish anarchosyndicalist organizations between 1936 and 1939 during the Revolution and the war against Franco’s forces; for the most part, Besnard lets the documents speak for themselves, and presents an interesting selection of contemporary texts, from the official CNT and FAI press and resolutions from CNT and FAI Congresses to articles published by opponents of collaboration, many of which are being made available in English translation for the first time.

Anarcho-syndicalism and Anarchism - Pierre Besnard

Excerpts from the 1937 pamphlet 'Anarcho-syndicalism and anarchism' by then-secretary of the International Workers Association (IWA) Pierre Besnard (1886-1947).

Anarchosyndicalism in inter-war France: The vision of Pierre Besnard - Wayne Thorpe

Historian Wayne Thorpe details the thinking of anarcho-syndicalist Pierre Besnard (1886–1947), placing it in the context of inter-war French syndicalism, following the WWI class collaboration of the CGT, of which he had been a member and many anarchists had played leading roles.