Processed World

Food not bombs!

The Processed World collective take a look at the free-food activist group Food Not Bombs!

My one-day career

Molly Wagner on her short-lived employment as a seltzer drink seller.

Processed World #33

An unprinted edition of Processed World from 1995 which was eventually published online only in 2000.

Pittsburgh: Back In the USSR

Maggie Field writes on store cards, work in a legal office and more

Reclaim the Commons?

Ztangi Press on capitalism and the idea of the Commons.

Burning Man: A Working-Class, Do-It-Yourself World’s Fair page down

Chris Carlsson writes on the Burning Man festival for Processed World magazine.

Still Working: Book Reviews

Processed World reviews Modern times, ancient hours by Pietro Basso, Forces of Labour by Beverly Silver and The trouble with music by Mat Callahan.

No Nonsense: About the radical simplification of life in territory 37

A fictional interview with a member of a post-capitalist society, by p.m.

A World of Possibilities at 45 Westpoint

Homeless Families and their friends provide a glimpse of what a really good Left could look like, argues James Tracy.

Technopranks: Carving out a message in electronic space

An infamous subliminal image in a Disney film

Jesse Drew writes for Processed World magazine on how workers and citizens have used modern technology to assert their humanity, from using subliminal images to blogging.