Richard Levins

Citizens for better science


The left should advocate for free access to not only scientific literature and data but also the means of production of science.

Class Science and Scientific Truth


The following article contains the text of the keynote address Richard Levins delivered at The New York Marxist School's Conference on Dialectical Materialism, held in October 1979. It was first published in Working Papers on Marxism and Science, published in 1981 by The New York Marxist School.

Stephen Jay Gould: What Does it Mean to Be a Radical?

Gould in Simpsons

Marxist biologists Richard Lewontin and Richard Levins remember the life and career of paleontologist and science writer Stephen Jay Gould, and his role in the social criticism of science.

The commoditization of science

Commodity double helix

Ecologist Richard Levins and geneticist Richard Lewontin argue that modern science has been fully incorporated into the process of capitalism, and is subject to the same conditions as any other commodity.