Robert Lynn

Vote: what for? - Robert Lynn

Vote: what for? - Robert Lynn

Small booklet by Robert ("Bobby") Lynn, Glasgow anarchist, who was born and lived in Calton Glasgow, one of Glasgow’s many slums. Started work as an engineering apprentice in Yarrow’s shipyard, became involved in working class struggle and remained committed to that struggle all his life. Held in the Les Forster collection at Spirit of Revolt Archive Glasgow.

Not a life story, just a leaf from it - Robert Lynn

A short account by a participant of the UK's largest working class anarchist movement (with the possible exception of the better known movement among London's East End Jews); in Glasgow during the first half of the 20th century. The movement contained an unusual combination of Stirnerite egoist and anarcho-syndicalist influences.

Source; Workers City, ed. Farquhar McLay; Clydeside Press, Glasgow 1988.

The Wee Man is Dead: An obituary of Robert Lynn