Social Revolution

Review: A contribution to the Critique of Marx - Bob Dent

Bob Dent reviews John Crump's A Contribution to the Critique of Marx. This was first published in Libertarian Communist Review #2, and made available online by the website.

Social revolution: the problem of organisation (and the organisation of problems) - Charlie Bloggs

Possibly an internal document which was produced around the time discussions were ongoing about a merger between the Social Revolution and Solidarity libertarian socialist groups.

Portugal: between two stools - Groupe de Liaison pour l'Action des Travailleurs

Portugal pamphlet cover

A critical account of the Portuguese revolution by the French Liaison Group for Workers' Action, translated and published in English in 1977 by the Social Revolution Hull group, arguing that rather than a workers' revolution it was a top-down modernisation of the capitalist economy.

Where we're at - Social Revolution

1976 text by libertarian socialist group Social Revolution about the current state of the world and the working class.

NUS: What Now?, 1976 - Social Revolution

An article from the 1970s about the National Union of Students which can still be relevant for today.

Introduction to Social Revolution

An introduction to the politics of Social Revolution.

A Contribution to the Critique of Marx - John Crump

This essay was published in pamphlet form in February 1976. It was published jointly by Social Revolution and Solidarity.