[VIDEO] The Abuser Logic of PragerU

Responding to “Socialism Makes People Selfish” by PragerU, a video which tries to convince you it’s selfish to want a society where we're guaranteed what we need for wellbeing and survival.

PragerU uses “abuser logic” – a warped pattern of reasoning that abusers use to convince their victims they’re unworthy of decent treatment.

The working class is in an abusive relationship with capitalism and PragerU wants us to believe we’re unworthy of socialism (which I use as a synonym for communism) or even unworthy of stronger social welfare policies.

My video debunks and ridicules this capitalist propaganda.


The PMC meets the Tucker Carlson Left

Werewolf vs. Vampire

Comrade Motopu uncovers the reactionary politics underpinning Catherine Liu's new book and her social media presence.

Workers' self-management in Algeria - Ian Clegg

Ian Clegg's history of workers' self-management in Algeria following the Algerian Revolution.

Humanity's Health or Capitalism's Profit?

Socialism, or communism, or whatever you want to call a society of the future, will not save us from occasional epidemics. It would however deal with them in an entirely different way.

Por ataki kaj por defendi - Wilhelm Liebknecht

Parolado de Wilhelm Liebknecht Marksista teoristo. La 1871 parolado estis kontraŭ la milito inter Francujo kaj Germanujo kaj alvokis por laboristan revolucion.

Supplementary Thoughts on The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists and the Ongoing Great Money Trick

After 100 years of us failing to achieve the "Co-operative Commonwealth" the bourgeoisie continue to dominate workers' lives with the "Great Money Trick". As Tressell foresaw, there remains a desperate need for the revolutionary reconstitution of society.

Finding Our Compass: Reflections on a World in Crisis

An 'experimental' book that touches on a wide range of topics while maintaining a grounding in left-wing philosophies.

Notes of an Underground Humanist

An idiosyncratic book inspired by the form of Nietzsche but the content of Marx.

[VIDEO] Satisfying Answers on Socialism: An Open Letter to Destiny

A response to the debate on socialism between YouTuber Destiny and author/professor Ben Burgis, from a libertarian-socialist / libertarian-communist perspective. Topics covered:

1. Are capitalists immoral?
2. Can socialism overcome incentives to destroy the environment?
3. Will widespread ignorance continue in socialism?
4. Can socialism provide a strong, thriving economy?

Also: Marx gets a makeover! (In the literal, not revisionist sense!)

[VIDEO] Breaking the Wheel? An Open Letter to Sam Tarly

A video using the popular TV show Game of Thrones as a launching point to make the case that libertarian-communism is worthy of serious consideration, since things that were considered impossible in the past are often common sense today, and things that seem impossible today may only be viewed that way due to premature dismissal and a closed mind. The video is designed to make sense even to those who've never watched the show.