Spain 1970s

The CNT and the IWA, part 1: The CNT since Franco

The decision that the CNT took at its eleventh congress (December 2015) to re-found the IWA is the latest act in the process of updating anarcho-syndicalism which began with the resurrection of the CNT in 1977, and which still isn’t finished.

Solidarity motor bulletin #05: Spain: struggle at SEAT Barcelona

Excellent bulletin about workers' struggles at car manufacturer Seat in Barcelona October 1974-January 1975, looking at the history of the industry and class struggle in Franco's Spain in the preceding years.

Wildcat Spain encounters democracy, 1976-1978 - Los Incontrolados

Garment workers' assembly

A fascinating set of documents from and about the workers assembly movement which swept Spain as strike spread following the death of dictator General Franco.