Tehran bus workers leader released

Mansoor Hayat Gheibi, one of the leaders of the Tehran Bus Workers Union was released yesterday following a hunger strike that started last week.

Tehran: a letter from the bus workers' union

The following letter, addressing world labour organisations, was issued in Tehran on Monday by the Tehran bus workers’ union Syndica Vahed.

Tehran: 200 workers released

200 imprisoned union bus workers released; all were denied the right to return to their jobs. Hundreds more are still in prison.

Tehran bus workers under attack - update

Hundreds of striking bus workers of the state-owned Vahed bus company are still in detention in Tehran today following the vicious attack by thousands of members of the security forces on their strike on Saturday 28th January.

Tehran - mass arrests of striking bus drivers

Iranian bus drivers in Tehran are on strike again, in the face of mass arrests and repression, including the families of the four main union leaders.

Iranian bus drivers arrested after no fares action

Fourteen leaders of Tehran’s transport workers’ union were arrested last month after staging a no-ticket action (when bus drivers refused to collect fares) against Sherkate Vahed, a state owned bus company, to demand higher wages.

Appeal from sacked Tehran transport workers

Organising efforts by the Syndicate of Workers Of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company in the Vahed Bus Company have resulted in the dismissal of 17 union activists.