The Conquerors had Conquered Without Trouble. . .

A brief, untitled, but farsighted text from Tiqqun 2, published in 2001.

What is Metaphysical Criticism?

Translation of a text appearing in Tiqqun 1 in 1999.

Invisible Politics - An Introduction to Contemporary Communisation - John Cunningham

In the wake of the organised left and the demise of working class self-identity, communisation offers a paradoxical means of superseding capitalism in the here and now whilst abandoning orthodox theories of revolution. John Cunningham reports from the picket line of the ‘human strike'.

The Problem of the Head

Translation of a critique appearing in Tiqqun 2 in 2001.

Theses on the Imaginary Party

English translation of the theses appearing in Tiqqun 1 in 1999.